Who holds the fastest sudoku world record?

According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest time to complete a Sudoku puzzle of easy difficulty is 1 minute and 23 seconds. This record was set on May 20, 2006 by the American Thomas Snyder.

record sudoku

Thomas Snyder was kind enough to publicly share his technique for solving sudoku puzzles as quickly as he does. So, how does he do it?

You have to be methodical.

Thomas Snyder said he approaches sudoku with an analytical mind and a series of routines. When solving devilish sudoku puzzles, try to choose a methodical approach that can be repeated. Among other things, start with squares, rows or columns that have a multitude of spaces already filled.

You have to practice daily and play sudoku.

Thomas Snyder plays sudoku to warm up his brain in the morning before work. Similarly, if you practice sudoku every day, you are more likely to develop good puzzle-solving habits and become faster at filling in sudoku grids. Consistent practice gives your brain a level of ease and comfort and gives you a sense of repetition. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

You have to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Sudoku is above all a hobby, a pleasure. If you are no longer enjoying yourself, take a break. The more you make sure you feel comfortable and have fun playing sudoku, the more likely you are to solve the sudoku puzzles quickly Sudoku is a game, after all.

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