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Kevin Marques

13 Aug 2022

Play medium sudoku and improve your skills

If you arrived at this page, it's either because you are curious and want to test your current level, or you got lost, but don't panic, you can continue reading this article which will teach you more about the different techniques to solve a medium level sudoku.

medium sudoku for zen life

A medium level sudoku often requires certain tactics to solve.

As you play the easy level, you will soon notice that the game is repetitive and time consuming. If this is the case, it shows that you are used to these grids and want a more demanding challenge! Go to Sudoku Academy to test yourself against medium sudoku puzzles. The rules don't change a bit. The only difference is the number of numbers initially displayed.

Tactics for solving a game of medium sudoku online and free.

During the beginning of the game, you should look for obvious candidates. The goal is to achieve a maximum of "full house", that is, to solve a house completely. Then, thanks to the "Note" option, you fill each cell with notes on the possible candidates. Without these notes, it is not possible to apply the medium level techniques that you can learn in the courses given by Sudoku Academy.

Of course, you can go to Sudoku Academy and play directly from your mobilecomputer or tablet. We have developed all the features to perfectly replace the paper game. But, we also added a lot of useful features that you won't find on paper, the fact among others to be able to go back, to have hints and to have an automatic correction to avoid that you arrive at the end of the game and realize that everything is wrong.

Tactics for solving a medium paper sudoku game.

Print out a free medium sudoku grid and equip yourself with colored pens. Then color the cells containing the number 3 in red, the cells containing the number 2 in yellow, etc. Thanks to the colors, you'll be able to keep track of which numbers have already been used more easily, and thus use your brain less for simple memorization.

Where to find free printable medium sudoku games?

While we encourage all of our players to play sudoku directly from Sudoku Academy, it is possible to print out the sudoku grids to play on paper. The printouts will contain the starting grid and the solution. It is possible, if you wish, to print the grid with all the notes already written.

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