Kevin Marques

13 Aug 2022

Play hard sudoku and show to everyone you are a master of sudoku

The hard level is characterized by the fact that the grids contain far fewer numbers than the lower levels. To solve a hard grid, you already need to know some tactics and tricks such as the double, triple or multi-directional technique.

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Some techniques for solving a hard sudoku on paper.

The basic technique that one learns when one wants to improve at Sudoku is to print the hard sudoku grid and equip yourself with colored pens. You can color the cells containing the number 2 in blue, the cells containing the number 1 in red and so on. In this way, you can see whether certain numbers have already been used thanks to the colors. The symbols can mark the solutions based on the others.

Some techniques for finishing a hard online sudoku grid.

If you don't have a printer or don't want to play on paper sheets, you can also use the online notes feature on Sudoku Academy. This way, you can first check if you are going in the right direction by solving a hard sudoku grid. Once you have been able to note the different possibilities, you can apply certain tactics, such as the "double" technique. To summarize, the double technique consists in selecting a square in which there are only two possibilities, namely, 2 and 8. We add a mark to this box, which allows us to exclude these two numbers for the other boxes in the row, area and column.

What are the benefits of playing a hard online sudoku grid?

Why play hard sudoku directly in Sudoku Academy? The first, and most obvious to me, is that you can play sudoku anywhere and anytime. You can start a game and continue it later without losing your progress. The other advantage is that Sudoku Academy works even without an internet connection. You only need to visit the site once to play without interruption and without a network. Finally, Sudoku Academy has a lot of useful features that will make your games much more enjoyable. You can add notes to your grids, helping you with the different solving techniques. You also have the possibility to get live hints, in case you are in a very complex position. Finally, a very popular feature is the "rewind". This feature allows you to rewind infinitely, so if you've made several mistakes and you've realized it, you'll be able to simply go back to any point in the game that you want.

Solving puzzles becomes easier with such tools. Put in a little time and effort and you'll soon become a Sudoku game pro!

I play sudoku at level 20, do I have the level to play in hard?

The advantage of playing hard sudoku directly from our site is that you accumulate points and you can follow the evolution of your level.  If you started sudoku with us, then your level reflects your actual level. According to our estimations, if you are at level 20, then it is very likely that you have the level to play in hard.

Where to find free printable hard sudoku games?

While we encourage all our players to play sudoku directly from Sudoku Academy, it is possible to find hard sudoku puzzles to play on paper.

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