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Expert Sudoku is a game for experienced sudoku players, who need to be challenged with a very difficult level of sudoku. This expert sudoku grid is characterized by the fact that very few numbers are shown in the sudoku grid. You will have to use the best strategies, patience and attention to solve these very difficult grids.

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What are the rules of expert sudoku?

Whether you are in an expert grid or not, the rules remain the same.

The basic rule is that each number can only appear once in each row, column and small square. Complete all grids to win and fill your trophy cabinet and experience points.

What are the benefits of solving expert sudoku puzzles online?

Sudoku Academy has some features that will help you solve expert level sudokus. One particularly useful option at the beginning of the game is the ability to select a clue. The correction function is also very useful, because due to the high level of complexity, it is necessary to make corrections more often.

You will soon become an expert in regular Sudoku practice and you will be able to easily and quickly face even the last Sudoku level, the diabolical Sudoku.

What are the personality traits of successful Sudoku players in expert?

Since expert sudoku is a mental game, requiring logic and attention, it is interesting to ask what personality traits allow people to succeed at sudoku.

The very difficult sudoku player is able to recognize opportunities.

Solving expert sudoku grids requires paying attention to opportunities. Good sudoku players know how to recognize opportunities and spot future opportunities when they arise. Future opportunities when they arise. If you want to become a great sudoku player, you can develop a mindset that helps you see good opportunities. This will allow you to plan several moves ahead so that you can anticipate the next places on the grid where you might place new numbers.

The expert sudoku player is able to accelerate when needed.

Sudoku is a staggered game in several stages, with each number placed on the grid opening up new possibilities. However, from time to time, the momentum stops, but, the best sudoku players know how to adapt and turn their attention to another part of the grid. Sudoku rewards focus and determination, but also adaptability.

The very difficult sudoku player appreciates calm.

Many sudoku players find that the game gives them a meditative moment. This is especially true for the best sudoku players who use it as a way to clear their minds and enter a deep mental state.

The best sudoku players can play every day without distraction, even when surrounded by other people in a noisy café or on a crowded train. If sudoku seems to help you get into this state, it may be a sign that you have the qualities to become an accomplished sudoku player.

The expert sudoku player loves competition.

Sudoku is a quiet, solitary game, but that doesn't mean that players are shy, introverted people. Many of the best sudoku players are very competitive. They participate in high-level competitions like the World Sudoku Championships, where they test their skills against some of the other champions.

In contrast, other top players, even if they don't participate in tournaments, are quietly competitive and always want to do better when they compete against themselves. Sudoku is not just a relaxing game, it is a quiet battle to try to surpass one's own personal best score or the fastest time to solve the puzzle. Having a healthy competitive spirit is part of being a great sudoku player.

Do you have what it takes to become an exceptional expert sudoku player? Cultivate these personality traits and find out!

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