What are the benefits of sudoku on our health and our brain?

Sudoku is a game that perfects several skills of our brain. What are its benefits?

the benefits of sudoku

Improves reasoning skills

Sudoku is a game of strategy and reflection. To fill the squares, you will have to stimulate your reasoning faculties, which will reinforce the intellectual aptitude.

Increases logical thinking

Whether you use advanced sudoku techniques, or are just starting out, you will need to use logic to complete the game's grids.

Increased concentration

You will have to concentrate and pay attention, simultaneously to avoid mistakes, but also to analyze and remember combinations of numbers. This is why practicing regularly develops concentration and allows the brain to maintain its intellectual capacity as long as possible.

Improves visual memory

Discern the numbers, memorize the different possibilities for each grid, remember this or that technique. Practicing Sudoku frequently will stimulate your visual memory, and thus stimulate your memory in general, very important to fight against aging diseases affecting the brain.

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