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Kevin Marques

23 Jun 2022

Sudoku Academy, the best place to play sudoku online and for free.

Sudoku has many benefits for the brain. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or even an expert, practicing daily sudoku will bring you many benefits. Sudoku is one of the most popular games for developing your intelligence. An online sudoku grid is not only a source of fun, but also enhances concentration and focus. You will notice how quickly your concentration improves if you play every day. This is especially useful for older people who play online sudoku regularly, as it helps them maintain their mental abilities for many years.

Sudoku Academy
Sudoku Academy, the best place to play sudoku online

What are the rules of sudoku?

I have created special sudoku courses for you. These courses go from beginner to very advanced level. You can access the courses on the page to learn sudoku.

How does the point system work ?

When you finish a game, you are awarded points. The more advanced the level, the more points you earn. Finally, you will be entitled to multipliers if you don't make any mistakes, if you don't use any clues or if you play daily.

How does the daily sudoku mode work?

Every day, when you finish a game, you earn extra points. The goal is to encourage you to play regularly. In addition, we save the time it took you to finish the game and you appear in the statistics of the day. The person who finishes a sudoku grid the fastest will earn extra points and will be displayed as the winner of the day.

What levels does the sudoku of the day run on?

If you finish a game at the easy level, you will appear in the level ranking. If you finish the medium level, you will appear on that level etc.

What levels are available for playing Sudoku?

Sudoku Academy has all the conventional levels. These range from easy to evil. You can select the level you want below or just above the game grid.