Play sudoku on mobile, valid for iPhone and Android!

No matter what platform you use, Sudoku Academy is designed and developed to suit all uses. Whether you're on mobile, iPhone or Android, you'll enjoy the Sudoku experience.

sudoku sur mobile

Play sodoku online on iPhone.

When playing sudoku on iPhone, we usually go to the App Store and search for "free online sudoku" and install all the applications to try them and finally choose only one. The main problem with this way of doing is that you will waste time and unfortunately choose an application that will steal your personal data, display targeted ads and sometimes even force you to watch ads to keep playing. Open Safari, go to Sudoku Academy and add our website as a shortcut to access it whenever you want and as easily as an application. No download is required and you can play Sudoku Academy even in offline mode.

Play sudoku on Android.

Why look for an application on sudoku on Android when you can just go to Sudoku Academy? Sudoku Academy is free, accessible in offline mode, does not sell your personal data and does not use any advertising. Just come and enjoy our puzzles and solve your favorite sudoku puzzles.

Play sudoku on mobile.

Sudoku Academy has been created and designed to make puzzles as enjoyable and easy to solve as possible. No matter what platform you use. Whether you are on a computer, mobile or tablet, you have access to the same features. The difference with other sudoku platforms is that you don't need to download anything and there are no ads. Whether you are looking to play sudoku online or offline, just go to Sudoku Academy and you will be able to play easily. Try it yourself, go offline and refresh your page.

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