1. The basics of Sudoku

Learn the basics of Sudoku

Hello and welcome to this course dedicated to learning Sudoku. In this course, we will learn all the rules of Sudoku, how to pass a grid to triumph in Sudoku.

A line should only contain one and the same number

Sudoku is presented in the form of a grid. This grid must be filled with numbers, going from 1 to 9. In a row, there must not be several times the same number. Following this rule, in your opinion, what is the missing number?

If you understood the rule correctly, then you guessed that the missing digit was the number 5!

A column should only contain one and the same number

We saw previously that a line could only contain a single sequence of digits. For columns, it's exactly the same rule. In this case, what is the missing digit?

You probably think Sudoku is a very easy game to learn, and it is.

A square must only contain one and the same number

The sudoku grid has a feature that is obvious, the existence of nine squares of nine squares. Like the previous rules, the squares must also allow the same digit only once.

Can you now guess the missing number?

If you have discovered 3, then you have mastered the rules of Sudoku!

Guess a number using rows, columns and squares

Now is the time to put what we learned above into practice and apply it to a true-to-life example. Logically, it is possible to find the missing digit by looking at the square, row and column digits of the box. Can you find it?

If you have found the number 9, then you have 100% understood the rules of Sudoku and are skilled enough to start solving an easy Sudoku puzzle.

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